4x4 car rental in Costa Rica? With us it's green and affordable!

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4x4 car rental in Costa Rica? We offer you a great sustainable option!

Why 4×4 car rental in Costa Rica? Because the country is well-known as the ultimate eco-destination. Almost 30% of the country is a protected area and almost 100% of the electricity is generated in a sustainable way. The country has distinguished itself for years with its ambitious, sustainable goals.

However, until recently it was not possible to explore the country by car in a sustainable way. In our opinion, that really had to change! Together with our local partners Adobe Rent-a-Car and Saúl we have taken matters into our own hands and made it possible to drive around Costa Rica with a more sustainable 4×4 rental car, as the first tour operator in the country!

Since March 2018 you can rent a 4×4 plug-in hybrid Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV exclusively via Edventure. A comfortable car that can be charged with 110 volts anywhere, you simply plug it in the power socket. It really does not get any easier! In addition, you also save on fuel costs. The perfect solution for a 4×4 car rental in Costa Rica!

Prefer to rent an ‘ordinary’ 4WD SUV? Find more information at the bottom of this page.

  • Available only via Edventure
  • Sustainable and cheaper driving
  • Same comfort, less fuel
  • Charging sustainably generated electricity for free at your hotels
  • As easy as charging your phone

4x4 rental car plug-in hybrid

4x4 rental car plug-in hybrid

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is a comfortable SUV for 5 adults including luggage. You can drive at least 50 kilometers on electricity. While you are driving, the battery charges itself. Especially when you drive through the mountains. If the battery is empty, the car automatically switches to the petrol engine, you do not have to do anything for this. Every day you save about $ 5 – 10 on fuel.

Charging the battery up to 100% takes about 8 hours. At 20+ Edventure hotels, you can charge your car for free. Because all energy in Costa Rica is almost 100% renewable, it makes electric driving even greener.

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Rent a 4x4 with roof tent


Rent a 4x4 with roof tent

Do you like camping holidays and do you prefer to go where you want? You can now also rent a 4×4 car with roof tent in Costa Rica with us! You leave a smaller ecological footprint while camping, which is a bonus!

In addition to the car and roof tent you also get all the necessary camping equipment. All-inclusive. You can choose the nicest campsites via an app, so you will be well informed on the road. No hassle and yet all freedom.

You can make a full camping trip or combine camping with some days in the city, on the beach or in the jungle in a lodge or hotel. All combinations are possible. On this page we tell you about the possibilities for a great combination trip.

Other travelers have already preceded you. Read more about the adventures of Jan and Marieke in our travel blog.

Would you rather rent an 'ordinary' 4x4 rental car? That is also possible!


The Ssang Yong Korando and Daihatsu Bego are compact 5-door SUVs that are fully equipped and suitable for all terrains. These cars are very comfortable for two or three adult travelers and their luggage.


The Hyundai Tucson (or equivalent). A comfortable 5-door SUV that can accommodate up to 4 adults and their luggage. It is advisable to carry stackable luggage.


If you travel in a larger group, you can rent the Hyundai Santa Fe, Mitsubishi Montero Sport or Ford Explorer. All these large 5-door SUVs are suitable for 5 adult travelers and their luggage. The cars differ in size and therefore also in price. Please let us know your wishes and we will find the right rental car for you.


Jeff Wezel

I had a great time with Edventure. First of all, I was kindly welcomed to their home / office, and I was able to learn more about what it is like to work as a foreigner in a Latin American country. Thanks to the durable plug-in Outlander I have seen a lot of Costa Rica and at my own pace. Because I traveled alone and with a student budget, I decided to stay in hostels and small hotels. However, charging my car was usually not a problem, and I could travel pretty far with only a few liters of petrol. The insider tips that I got and connections that Edventure made, made my trip unforgettable. I really got the most out of my 3 week trip. Thank you very much, and see you again! (2018)

Van de Luijtgaarden family

The Mitsubishi Outlander was big enough for our family (2 adults and 3 kids aged 16, 14 and 11) and all our luggage. Good power, slightly less on the steep roads. People reacted very positive to the car and we were often the first hybrid holiday guests. In general, the owners of our accommodations were very interested and enthusiastic!



Douven family

We are now in our hotel in Manzanillo.  Great to see that the owners are so enthusiastic about your beautiful car. Here we can charge our car at the reception and this works perfect! We really think we have the most beautiful rental car! (2018)


Peter and Marlene Wubben

We explored Costa Rica with the first ever hybrid rental car (an initiative of Edventure) and were happy that in this way we could also contribute!
We book the Green Circle tour with Edventure and this was really something special.  Beautiful nature with so many special animals and plants, delicious fruit and very nice, helpful people! What impressed us the most? We really do not know, for us every day had something truly special. In addition, we were impressed by the hotels we visited. They were situated in the most beautiful places in Costa Rica. The owners we met are all striving to make their operations more sustainable and want to make the world a little better. (2018)


Neutkens-Scholten family

We explored Costa Rica with the Mitsubishi hybrid rental car. It is a very nice car. Rental company Adobe did not deliver the car as agreed however, but this was all solved by Edventure. At our hotels, everyone was really interested in the hybrid car. (2018)