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Discover Costa Rica's Caribbean Coast

Puerto Viejo, Playa Cocles, and Manzanillo are just a few of the country’s most beautiful beaches. Chances are the Caribbean coast is on your wishlist! But what if you’re not a beach lover and don’t enjoy basking in the sun? It’s still more than worth it! The Caribbean coast of Costa Rica has so much to offer that you’ll easily be entertained for days.

In this blog, we share some of the coolest activities to do at the Caribbean coast.

Fun things to do in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca and surroundings

Explore the region by bike

You can explore the region and beaches around Puerto Viejo de Talamanca perfectly by bike. Start in Puerto Viejo or Manzanillo and bike along the beautiful beaches of Playa Chiquita, Playa Cocles, and Playa Chiquita, where you can enjoy a fresh coconut and take a refreshing dip. In the many restaurants, you can try the Caribbean cuisine.

Visit the Jaguar Rescue Centre

The Jaguar Rescue Centre takes in animals that have been injured, orphaned, or need care for other reasons. The goal is to release the animals back into the wild after recovery. When you visit the center, you will only see the animals that permanently reside there. By participating in a guided educational tour, you contribute to the costs of medication, food, and care.

Take a surf lesson at Playa Cocles

Ever wanted to give surfing a try? This is your chance! In Playa Cocles, you can take a surf lesson or rent a board and learn to conquer the waves. The water is wonderfully warm, and the waves are usually very suitable for beginners. Afterward, you’ve earned a refreshing drink or a delicious Caribbean lunch, which you can order at one of the beach restaurants.

Go kayaking on a river & at sea

At the exotic Punta Uva, you can take a beautiful kayak trip. Your guide will lead you through the calm waters of a river toward the crystal-clear open sea. In a few hours, you’ll paddle through the rainforest, along impressive rock formations, over a beautiful coral reef, and even through a cave. Of course, there’s plenty of time for a delightful swim!

Discover the Gandoca-Manzanillo reserve

In the southernmost point, you’ll find the Gandoca Manzanillo reserve, where you can enjoy hiking through the rainforest and swimming at hidden beaches. You pay a donation as an entrance fee and can then explore on your own. There’s a good chance you’ll be accompanied by howler monkeys, green macaws, and many other animals.

Visit the Bribri indigenous tribe

In the rainforests on the Caribbean coast, is where the indigenous tribe of the Bribri reside. Would you like to meet them and discover more about their life? You can visit the Bribri for a day, but it’s also possible to stay overnight. It’s a great adventure because to reach their village, you have to paddle down a river.

Enjoy a cacao tour or cooking class

The Caribbean cuisine is unique in Costa Rica and well worth exploring. You can, of course, do this in the many restaurants, but if you want to learn more, you can also book a Caribbean cooking class or cacao tour. During such an experience, you’ll discover some of the best recipes and treats the region is known for.

Experience the Caribbean coast your way

Whether you’re looking for adventurous excursions, cultural encounters, or just relaxing moments on the beach, the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica has something for everyone. Our local travel experts are ready to help you tailor a trip that meets all your desires. Contact us today for a customized travel quote.