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6 x Unique Lodging in Costa Rica


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At Edventure Travel we find nothing more fun than roaming Costa Rica in search of unique lodging experiences. Because we live here ourselves, we venture out on a regular basis. Over the years we have discovered many gems that we like to share with our travelers.

In this blog we take you on an adventure to a few of our favorite accommodations. We´ll take you through the rainforest, along beaches and volcanoes to share the most beautiful spots with you.

Read on for 6 x Unique Lodging experiences in Costa Rica:


Sleeping in a Treehouse!

That´s one for the bucketlist! In the rainforest of Boca Tapada, you can find a beautiful lodge with several unique tree houses at a great height. Here, you really sleep on the level of the treetops. So don’t be surprised if there is a curious white-faced monkey nosing around on your balcony!

There´s no need to climb down the stairs for a good cup of coffee or drink though, because your room comes fully equipped.


For us, travel in Costa Rica is not complete without a real local experience.

It is quite an experience to spend the night at a local family in Costa Rica. One of our homestay options is in Zapotal, a small farming community on top of a mountain and in the cloud forest.

Spend a day on a biological farm, take a cooking class or hike with your host to a beautiful waterfall.


If you opt for a multi-day trekking in Corcovado National Park, you will spend the night in one of the ranger stations in the park.

This is one of the most pristine parks of Costa Rica and therefore definitely a unique lodging experience. Corcovado has an incredible biodiversity. No doubt that you will see a lot (!) of wildlife.

Even before sunrise, you go out with a guide to spot tapirs, snakes, anteaters, monkeys, and coatis. And that’s just the start of your day!


If you love unique lodging experiences in Costa Rica, staying over in an indigenous community is one to add to your list!

You can stay with a Bribri tribe in the rainforest of the Talamanca mountains. The community is not that easy to get to. It takes a trip over a river in a hollow tree trunk that serves as a boat. Pretty awesome start of this experience.

In 2 days, you will get to know the Bribri and their way of life, traditions, and cuisine.


An eco deck?! Don’t worry, we’d never heard of this either. Until we went to Turrialba, of course!

An eco deck is a semi-open house. From your bed you have a view of the smoking Turrialba volcano and the stars. Your accommodation is not necessarily luxurious, but the experience is unforgettable!

In the morning you can go hiking and mountain biking, but also white water rafting on the raging waters in the region.


Sleeping in an American school bus. That alone sounds great, but this isn’t just any school bus!

The owner of this lodge has fantastically refurbished his bus and incorporated it into a very creative area with a large terrace in a beautiful garden. By the way, this Costa Rica lodge has other, unique lodging options that are worth checking out as well!

It is inspiring and relaxing at the same time to stay here. From your hammock you can hear the soothing sounds of the waves and tropical birds nearby.

Your Costa Rica itinerary full of unique lodging experiences

Which one is your favourite? Or would you prefer to stay in all these accommodations? Sure you can! They can be perfectly combined in a beautiful tour.

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