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We are Edventure Travel!

Plan less and just do what you encounter on your path. Allow chance and experience your own dreams. With that feeling, Ed Smit started Edventure in 2005. Edventure has since grown into a tour operator and travel agent with 5 team members. We are based in San José in Costa Rica.

During a real Edventure trip through Costa Rica, Panama or Nicaragua you will meet the real Central Americans, you will reach the most beautiful remote places in nature and avoid the tourist hotspots as much as possible.

We put together tailor-made trips for you. Your wishes are central. And because we know all destinations and accommodations and visit regularly, we are able to put together a trip that fits perfectly. This personal approach is what makes our work so fun!

  • Wij are a team of 5 travelers
  • From the Netherlands and Flanders
  • Located in Costa Rica
  • We speak Dutch, English and Spanish
  • And are tour operator and travel agent in one
  • We work customized to realize your dreams

A real Edventure trip

A real Edventure trip

What can you see and experience during an Edventure trip? Watch this video of two travelers who entered the Edventure and recorded it.

‘Find Edventure … and live your dream’ is what we stand for.

Dat wil ik ook wel!

Ontmoet ons Edventure team:

Ed Smit

Ed left for Costa Rica in 2002 to live and work in horticulture. Later Edventure was added, actually a hobby that got out of hand!

‘Rancho Margot is one of my favorite destinations because of the great story behind the creation of this hotel and the team that shapes it. Sustainability is not a buzzword here, but something you do with each other and for each other. ‘

Renée Snijders

Renée lives and works since 2009 in Edventure. She did not have a specific tourist background, but at Edventure it’s all about offering what we like ourselves!

‘The Caribbean coast is my favorite region to explore: the laid-back atmosphere, friendly people and delicious food together with our VW van create an instant holiday feeling!’

Linda van Alem

Linda has been living in Costa Rica since 2003. After having worked for a while on a breeding program for Rode Aras (to release them) she started in 2004 as guide for Dutch travel organizations and since 2008 active for Edventure.

‘My favorite place is Corcovado because it is still untouched nature and you can find the most exotic animals there as the red macaw and toucans. The most impressive thing was a puma during one of the hikes! ‘

Marlou Stoltenborg

Marlou Stoltenborg is a Achterhoek globetrotter who after a year of traveling through Central America in 2015 landed in Costa Rica. She explores as much as possible, looking for beautiful places to share with our Edventure customers.

‘Traveling through Central America never gets boring. I am very happy about road trips, untouched nature, birds, surfing and adventure

Lisa Vandewalle

Lisa lives in Costa Rica since 2017 and is the only Belgian in our team. In 2015 she traveled from Costa Rica through Central America to Mexico City. She is always looking for adventure and new places, preferably in the middle of nature.

‘I do not have a favorite place in Costa Rica, how can I choose one spot between all these fantastic places that each have something different to offer?’

For and by customers


For and by customers

Many of our trips are actually sold by our customers. They do this by telling family / friends / acquaintances about Edventure, but also sharing their travel stories with other enthusiastic travelers and interested people in Costa Rica and Central America, for example during a Vacation Fair.

Every customer who in turn knows how to ‘sell’ a trip, we would like to give a piece of commission. You earn 2.5% on the travel amount of cash or 5% if you want to spend it on a new Edventure or to support one of our projects.

Meer over onze projecten

Jeff Wezel

I had a great time with Edventure. First of all, I was kindly welcomed at their home / office, and I was able to learn more about what it is like to work as a Dutchman and live in a Latin American country. Thanks to the durable plug-in Outlander (4×4, which is sometimes necessary) I have seen a lot of Costa Rica, at my own pace. Because I traveled alone and with a student budget, I decided to stay in hostels and small hotels. However, loading my car was usually not a problem, and I could get very far with only a few liters of petrol. The insider tips that I got and connections that Edventure made made my trip complete and made sure that I could get the most out of it in the 3 weeks time. Thank you very much, and see you again!


Family Verloop

We want to thank you for the beautiful journey we have made, the beautiful places we have been and the nice people we have met. Thanks also for the fantastic organization. We have not encountered any problems and where necessary, you have provided a good solution.

Many thanks – also on behalf of our children who have enjoyed great – for the organization of this trip. We will not forget that! We will certainly recommend you to others.


Family Oldewarris

All in all it has been a super fun trip. The nature, the animals, the people, the different landscapes and the enthusiasm of the guides. Really great. We think that this trip has given us a very good impression of Costa Rica. The overnight locations were all special. Every address had something beautiful that made Congo Bongo and Rio Tico really stand out. We really only have positive feedback as you see and can not think of anything that was not good.

Besides all this beauty we want to thank you for the organization and the tips. The contact by mail was pleasant and smooth. The discussion of the trip at Hotel Don Carlos is very good. The fact that, if there is something, you can easily contact by telephone is fine (fortunately not necessary). In short: big compliments and we would absolutely recommend you to people who would like to make such a trip.


Rob and Anja Jacques

Very good, fine contact and everything well arranged. Everything clearly on paper and everything was right, no crazy unexpected mistakes. The fact that we could call you if necessary should be a very nice fact. It was also nice that we spoke to each other in San Jose, very personal. Very well.


Family Neutkens-Scholten

We had a great trip! We had excellent contact beforehand about the planning of our trip. All information about the different places we visited was well taken care of. During our trip we maintained excellent contact via Whatsapp and by telephone.


Gerrit and Nienke

Yesterday we came back from our trip through Costa Rica. What is there in the Netherlands a lot of asphalt and what is actually little green. It takes some getting used to. We have had an unforgettable journey. What have we seen and done a lot and everything was well arranged by you. A big compliment for that is in order. The Green Circle trip is a wonderful concept. What a beautiful location, all different and with a special story. In short, a great trip, many thanks for the organization and the help. We will certainly recommend you to other people who go to Costa Rica.


Rob and Katja

What sticks out is your help where necessary: you are not in the way, you do not interfere with anything. If there is something, appropriate action is taken immediately beyond all normally expected rules. In addition, everything was neatly arranged: vouchers were knocked, car arrived neatly on time, was picked up on time …, everything was right!


John and Helma

The fine contact, such as the visit to Rob’s house, the mail traffic, skype with Renee a day before departure to go through everything. This gave us the familiar Westland feeling of “old boys currant bread” and that felt good.


Dorien and Loek Jansen

We had a nice and special holiday, the information of “Edventure” was clear. Rob also advised us pleasantly and clearly. We have combined the holiday business with a visit to a supplier of our company.


De Krommetjes of Naaldwijk

Linda, Renee and colleagues thank you for your help, but also during our trip. Everything was arranged top. The beautiful lodges, locations, activities and transport have made our trip unforgettable. Fortunately we still have the pictures!!


Hans and Syl

What have we had a super cool trip! At every lodge a wow feeling when we arrived. A wide variety of crazy places, from a hut in the jungle to a luxury lodge Las Ranas. Many experienced and seen. Nicaragua was especially cool, especially because it is still so pure. We also enjoyed all the friendly people we met. It is a pity that we hardly speak Spanish ourselves. Now we can still enjoy and start the photo album.