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100% electric rental cars, now available in Costa Rica!

In order to support Costa Rica’s mission to be carbon-neutral, you will start your Green Circle Experience in a brand new, fully electric SUV with a minimum range of 400 km that belongs to Green Circle Wheels. At all Green Circle Member hotels, you will have unlimited free charging with your electric carrental with 100% renewable energy, which makes it a perfectly sustainable, efficient, and one-of-a-kind experience.

All Green Circle Wheels cars are personalized, which means unique in appearance and representing a certain cause, which is a social or environmental project that will be supported with the profit generated through renting the car. As a Green Circle Experiencer, you will do your tour with the Green Circle Wheels car of your choice, if available, and therefore can reduce your carbon footprint and at the same time support a sustainable or social project in Costa Rica.

The Green Circle Experience dedicates 100% of its profits to sustainable initiatives – chosen by YOU!

Note: You can only rent an electric car with a full Green Circle Package including hotels.

Your electric car options

100% Electric SUV Selvita
100% Electric SUV Selvita is a great car for couples or small family’s. For your Green Circle Experience tour in Costa Rica. By renting this car, 10% of the daily fees goes to a project to protect Costa Rica's tropical forest.
Electric SUV YouCan
YouCan will be your trustworthy SUV companion throughout Costa Rica. It easily fits 5 adults and has a 500km/310mile range. YouCan is the ideal car for families or a group of friends. 10% of the car rental proceeds go to the Anik Foundation to help children with disabilities.
Electric Rental Car Nick Jaguar
If you love travelling, luxury, and sustainability, our 100% electric Jaguar is your car. Just like our other cars, our Jaguar is 100% electrical and can will drive you anywhere in Costa Rica. 10% of the rental car fee will be reserved to help Jaguars in Costa Rica.
Kermit the electric car
Our electric car Kermit is comfortable small SUV great for travelling with your partner or a small family. You can spot three of the most iconic frogs on the car, the red-eyed tree frog, glass frog and red and blue Strawberry Poisson Dart Frog.

Electric car rental, your options

By renting a Green Circle Wheels car your ecological impact on the environment will be minimized.

Travel guilt free in comfortable powerfull cars while supporting good causes in Costa Rica.

The distances between Green Circle Member hotels will allow you to travel without using any charging stations along the road you will take to reach your next destination.

However, in case necessary, your car can be charged (again free of charge) at charging stations along the roads to be traveled.

Note: You can only rent an electric car with a full Green Circle Package including hotels.

  • Full cover insurance included
  • Cellphone with internet and useful apps included in the car
  • Free charging at the Green Circle Member lodges with 100% renewable energy
  • Free charging on the road
  • 100% renewable energy
  • Minimum 400km/250 miles range
  • Help a good cause just by driving
  • Replacement car in case of technical problems

Green Circle Wheels

Green Circle Wheels

Renting an electrical car for your Green Circle Experience will be made possible by Green Circle Wheels. If you want to know what Green Circle Wheels does for you, keep on reading, or click on this link

Green Circle Wheels S.A. is owned by Nico Luiten and Ed Smit. The company is both a car rental company, renting out its own cars, and a car-sharing platform. The company is a social enterprise. All profits to be made by Green Circle Wheels S.A., will be used for sustainable/social causes that are already connected to the cars OR to the further social and sustainable developments of Green Circle Wheels S.A.

What is a Green Circle Wheels car?

A Green Circle Wheels car is a privately owned fully electrical SUV that complies with the requirements below. The cars have to have/be:

Electric car rental options