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Green Circle Experience

Green Circle Experience

The Green Circle Experience was born from an incredible, almost magical sense of sharing passion, knowledge, and experiences. Everyone involved is dedicated to create a positive future for Costa Rica.

We would like to invite travellers to come and experience the true Costa Rica in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Costa Rica has been known for being an ecotourism destination, but we want to give a deeper meaning to this concept by striving to leave nothing but footprints.

Get inspired by what we and our Green Circle Member hotels stand for!


The Green Circle Experience 

– Guiltfree travel in Costa Rica –

Travel Costa Rica in the most sustainable way possible. Stay in sustainable lodges, drive an electric car, and give back to the country.

Real sustainable travel, how do we do that?

– Stay in sustainable ecolodges

– Drive a full 100% electric SUV

– 10% of your rental car fee will go to a good cause

Costa Rica is one of the greenest countries in the world, and we want to invite you to explore this magnificent country while at the same time taking care of it.

All Green Circle member lodges are an active partner of Green Circle Experience and aim to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible. This is done in the way they build the hotel, waste management, energy supply, and other factors. As well you drive a 100% electrical car that drives on renewable energy and is connected to a local cause.

About Green Circle Experience


Costa Rica is the greenest country in the world, and we want to keep it that way by enabling you to travel the country in the most sustainable way possible.

We made it possible to travel with 100% electric cars, to eco-friendly, sustainable, and unique lodges. At the same time, we are always on the lookout for new innovations, and initiatives. 


Green Circle Experience is an initiative of Edventures and our Green Circle Member hotels. They are all environment-friendly and sustainable lodges at spectacular and unforgettable destinations in Costa Rica.

All lodges operate in synergy with nature without harming it. All of our Green Circle Member hotels support causes to protect and preserve Costa Rica.


We made sure you’ll travel sustainably with our fully electric SUV’s. Not only will you drive 100% on renewable energy, but by picking your car you’ll support a charity in Costa Rica. Pick the one you feel most connected to.

The technology of electric cars and charging stations is at the level where we feel confident you’ll be able to travel comfortably, secure, and sustainable.

Your Green Circle Experience

Green Circle Experience aims to provide you the chance to book a Costa Rica tour in a truly sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Costa Rica is considered one of the greenest countries in the world, and what better way to experience this with full electrical cars and sustainable lodging.

During your Green Circle Experience, you can experience first-hand what the future of tourism in Costa Rica looks like. Don’t get us wrong, Costa Rica is already known for ecotourism, but we want to make it even more sustainable and carbon-neutral.

The process is simple, choose your car, pick your Green Circle Member hotel and enjoy Costa Rica.

  • Leave nothing but footprints
  • 100% electrical SUV’s
  • Support a local charity
  • Environmentally friendly lodging
  • Unique destinations
  • Expert travel advice

This Green Circle Experience takes you from the bustling capital city of San Jose right into the heart of nature. As soon as you leave the busy city behind, you will be surrounded by endless green flora and fauna. Stay in a school bus just steps away from a secluded Caribbean beach. The Caribbean is the place where the jungle meets the ocean, but believe us, this is just the beginning.

You visit three more incredible destinations where you will be surrounded by tropical rainforest as far as the eye can see. Not only are the lodges tucked away in nature, but they also do their part to preserve it as well. Both Selva Bananito and Maquenque Ecolodge have projects to educate local people about preservation and to help them preserve it.


During this tour, you will visit the best of Costa Rica. See some great spots like the famous Arenal volcano and the evergreen cloud forest of Monteverde. And the great things, we do it sustainably. Close to the Arenal volcano you will be staying at Rancho Margot. This working organic farm and luxury lodge is located in one of the greenest spots of the area and provides not only sustainable but also holistic lodging.

After a couple of days, you take the ferry to the small beach town of Montezuma before you head further south. Stay at one of Costa Rica’s greatest examples of a true ecolodge, Macaw Lodge. In your last days, you will be surrounded by nothing but endless jungle and howler monkeys before you head back home.


Congratulations! You will be visiting all of our Green Circle Member hotels. Not only will you be staying in the most sustainable hotels in the country.

This tour will show you (literally) all sides of Costa Rica. From a recycled school bus in a cozy small beach town on the Caribbean side to a well-preserved private reserve in the lowlands near the border with Nicaragua. And from a sustainable self-providing ranch to a safari tent in the middle of the lus rainforest surrounded by monkeys.

By choosing this tour you also help to preserve and protect Costa Rica’s incredible nature. When you book this tour we can keep on working to make Costa Rica even more sustainable. 

Green Circle Experience


We are a group of visionaries with a shared vision to create a positive environmental and social impact in Costa Rica. We aim to promote ecotourism in a revolutionary way by leaving as little impact as possible. Behind the scenes, we work hard to make sure we can guarantee you an incredible and sustainable tour. 


Ok, so now you know Green Circle Experience is here to provide you with the most sustainable Costa Rica tour, but you might have a few questions. Get the answers to our most frequently asked questions. Learn more about our cars, the beautiful country of Costa Rica, the people behind the Green Circle, and your tour in general. 


We just got started! We are the first to provide sustainable Costa Rica tours with 100% electrical SUVs, and eco-friendly hotels. But we always keep an eye out for new innovations and we hope a lot will come in the near future. This will help us to reach our goal of providing the most sustainable tours in Costa Rica. 


Fam. Buggenhout

We expected a lot from Costa Rica, and we can definitely say that our visit exceeded the expectations.

We loved our accommodation in a Treehouse in Boca Tapada at Maquenque Lodge, it was simply paradise with incredible service! I can recommend this to anyone.


Peter and Marlene Wubben

We did this really special Costa Rica travel package in a hybrid car with Green Circle Experience.  Costa Rica has beautiful nature with so many special animals and plants, delicious fruit, and incredibly nice people!

There are a lot of things that made a big impression on us. We loved every day. As well, it was very special to see that the locations where we stayed all wanted to have an impact and change the world for the better. And… they were also situated in the most beautiful places in Costa Rica.

We also liked it very much we were one of the first to rent the very first hybrid rental car in Costa Rica.


Gerrit and Nienke

We just came back from our sustainable experience in Costa Rica.  We had an unforgettable trip, during which we have seen and did a lot. As well everything was well arranged by Green Circle Experience, thank you for that!

The Green Circle Experience is a wonderful concept. What beautiful destinations and hotels, and we really enjoyed to get to know the hotel owners and loved to hear their stories.

Green Circle Experience - Costa Rica Tours