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The Green Circle Experience 

The Green Circle Experience is striving to become known as the most sustainable experience in the greenest country of the world, Costa Rica. It gives you the unique opportunity to explore the most beautiful spots of this biodiverse country without leaving an (ecological) footprint. We are the first agency to provide full electric SUV’s charged with 100% renewable energy to enjoy Costa Rica without the usual impact on the environment. Meanwhile, staying at the most incredible eco-friendly lodges at unique destinations in Costa Rica. 

About Green Circle Experience

Why Green Circle Experience

Costa Rica is the greenest country in the world, and we want to keep it that way by enabling you to travel the country in the most sustainable way possible. We made it possible to travel with 100% electric cars, to eco-friendly, sustainable, and unique lodges. At the same time, we are always on the lookout for new innovations, and initiatives. Read more..


We’ve selected exceptional environment-friendly and sustainable lodging at the most spectacular and unforgettable destinations in Costa Rica. All the lodges operate in synergy with nature without harming it. Most of our Green Circle Member hotels support causes to protect, preserve, and conserve Costa Rica, as well as educational programs. Read more..

Your Car

We made sure you’ll travel sustainably with our fully electric SUV’s. Not only will you drive 100% on renewable energy, but by picking your car you’ll support a charity in Costa Rica. Pick the one you feel most connected to. The technology of electric cars and charging stations is now at the level where we feel confident you’ll be able to travel as comfortably, secure, and sustainably as possible. Read more..

Your Green Circle Experience

Green Circle Experience aims to provide you the chance to book a Costa Rica tour in a truly sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Costa Rica is considered one of the greenest countries in the world, and what better way to experience this with full electrical cars and sustainable lodging.

During your Green Circle Experience, you can experience first-hand what the future of tourism in Costa Rica looks like. Don’t get us wrong, Costa Rica is already known for ecotourism, but we want to make it even more sustainable and carbon-neutral.

The process is simple, choose your car, pick your Green Circle Member hotel and enjoy Costa Rica.

  • Leave nothing but footprints
  • 100% electrical SUV’s
  • Support a local charity
  • Environmentally friendly lodging
  • Unique destinations
  • Expert travel advice

Green Circle Experience

Green Circle Experience

The Green Circle Experience was born from an incredible, almost magical sense of sharing passion, knowledge, and experiences. Everyone involved is dedicated to create a positive future for Costa Rica.

We would like to invite travellers to come and experience the true Costa Rica in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Costa Rica has been known for being an ecotourism destination, but we want to give a deeper meaning to this concept by striving to leave nothing but footprints.

Get inspired by what we and our Green Circle Member hotels stand for!

Green Circle Experience

Behind the scenes

We are a group of visionaries with a shared vision to create a positive environmental and social impact in Costa Rica. We aim to promote ecotourism in a revolutionary way by leaving as little impact as possible. Behind the scenes, we work hard to make sure we can guarantee you an incredible and sustainable tour. Read more


Ok, so now you know Green Circle Experience is here to provide you with the most sustainable Costa Rica tour, but you might have a few questions. Get the answers to our most frequently asked ones. Learn more about the cars, Costa Rica, the people behind the Green Circle, and your tour in general. Read more


We just got started! We are the first to provide sustainable Costa Rica tours with 100% electrical SUVs, and eco-friendly hotels. But we always keep an eye out for new innovations. This will help us to reach our goal of providing the most sustainable tours in Costa Rica. Read more..


Richard, Canada

I have been to Costa Rica before, but with Green Circle Experience, I felt so much more connected to the country. Lodging is as environment-friendly as can be, and the places you visit… WOW!!


Joshua, USA

Costa Rica has been on my bucket list for years, but I felt it became a bit touristy. Green Circle provided us with a unique experience by visiting some incredible destinations. For example, I loved staying at the Tree House at Maquenque Lodge, there were toucans everywhere. If you want something different, unique, and sustainable, book with them.


Monique, Netherlands

I never knew it was possible to travel with fully electric cars, but we had an amazing experience. Our car was well-equipped and brought us to every corner of Costa Rica without any problems. We had a great time and loved the fact they did everything to make sure the tour is sustainable and unique.

Green Circle Experience - Costa Rica Tours