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Traveling in Nicaragua

If you like to explore Nicaragua, have a look at our ready-made travels. These trips might inspire you and may be a good basis for your own custom-made holiday. Of course we can adapt these trips to your needs and the various travel modules can also be shortened or extended.

Our popular ready-made trips in Nicaragua:

Discover surprisingly versatile Nicaragua in 2 weeks
Have you never been to Central America and do you really want to experience what this part of the world is really like? Then travel to Nicaragua, the hidden gem of Central America. This special country is full of rich culture, beautiful cities and vibrant nature. During this 15-day tour you will explore and learn more about Nicaragua., a truly off the beaten track travel destination. This journey will stimulate all your senses and will be unforgetable experience.
The best of both worlds in 3 weeks
Discover the best of both worlds during this 3-week journey in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Your trip starts in Costa Rica where you discover the real Costa Rica: your destinations are all just off the beaten track. The mix with the colorful culture of Nicaragua makes this trip unique and full of surprises. In the streets of Granada you will find remains of the colonial history of the country and you can experience local culture at the town market. This journey offers you the best of Central America; vibrant nature in combination with authentic culture!