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Corn Islands
The Corn Islands are Nicaragua's 'forgotten' tropical paradise in the Carribean Sea. Here you find perfectly white beaches and exotic palm trees on just two islands, Big Corn and Little Corn, surrounded by beautiful aquamarine waters.
The unspoiled nature of Rio San Juan
The San Juan River connects the great Lake of Nicaragua to the Carribean Sea. This region is known for its unspoiled nature and because it had a rather wild past, you still find historic monuments along the river banks that reflect the region's importance when pirates ruled the seas. All this makes the area along the river and the towns of San Carlos and El Castillo an attractive region to visit. Here, nature and history come together in an unprecedented way.
Surf and relax on the beaches of San Juan del Sur
Je verblijft in Playa el Coco, een van de mooiste natuurlijke stranden van Nicaragua. Playa el Coco ligt op ongeveer een half uurtje rijden van San Juan del Sur, een populaire en gezellig kustplaatsje in het uiterste zuiden van Nicaragua. Geniet van de stranden en prachtige zonsondergang of geniet van een lekker diner en een cocktail bij een van de restaurantjes.
Discover the unique volcanic island of Isla de Ometepe
Isla Ometepe or the island of Ometepe lies in the Lake of Nicaragua and was originally formed by two large volcanoes: La Concepcion and Madera. Ometepe also literally means two (ome) mountains (tepe). It's native history makes the island special and worthwhile to explore by foot, bike or motorbike. You arrive by ferry and stay in a simple, but comfortable hotel, a great place to start exploring the island!
Swimming in the crater lake La Laguna de Apoyo
Some 10 km from the vibrant towns of Granada and Masaya, you find La Laguna de Apoyo. This magical crater lake is some 200 meters deep and here you find the cleanest water in Nicaragua.
Spend the night on the private island of Isleta El Espino
Isleta El Espino is a magical private island in the great Lake of Nicaragua, near Granada. You arrive by boat to the secluded paradise of the American brother and sister who bought the island, because they wanted to set up an eco design hotel. They did an excellent job and you for sure will have a great time here!
Trek around the Miraflor Reserve
Make a trekking in the Miraflor Reserve! Your adventure starts in the centre of Esteli, a charming town. On day 2, you depart for a 2-day trekking in the nature reserve Miraflor. You are accompanied by a local, bilingual guide and stay the night at local family homes in the mountains. This trekking is a unique local experience and a great way to discover the Nicaraguan country side and way of life.
Jungle and coffee plantations in Matagalpa
Explore the north of Nicaragua and stay in the city of Matagalpa and hike the jungle and coffee plantations around the city! During this trip you stay at local family homes and your rooms are comfortable, but basic. Your host families however will make sure to provide everything you need. As a result, you do not need to worry about hygiene and the food they serve is great!
Taste great cigars and hike the green hills around Estelí
Estelí lies in a valley on some 800 m above sea level and is surrounded by mountains and lush jungle. Because of its geographical location and climate, the town is the agricultural centre of Nicaragua. Here there's no mass tourism and you'll experience the true Nicaraguan way of life. Enjoy nature and admire the beautiful murals in the town centre and oh, don't forget to taste some of the local fruits and vegetables or try a cigar even!
Experience history in colonial León
León is a beautiful colonial city that has been playing an important role in the country's history for centuries. Here you find Central America's largest cathedral and Leon is the hometown of Ruben Dario, a worldfamous poet who was born some 150 years ago and one of the great heroes of Nicaragua.
Colourful culture in colonial Granada
Historically, Granada always has been one of Nicaragua's most important cities. Nowadays, this beautiful and colourful town is also the country's main tourist destination. However, you don't find tourist hordes here, you can still experience the true day-to-day routines of the Nicaraguans living in the city. There's a lot to see and do around town, so take your time and spend at least a few days here!
Beautiful beaches and perfect waves in Las Peñitas
Catch the waves in Las Peñitas! Some 20 minutes from the city of Leon you find the charming sea-side village of Las Peñitas. Because of its long, beautiful beach, the town is well loved by locals and foreigners alike and a great place to relax and enjoy the sun, sea and the beach of course!

Hans and Syl

What have we had a super cool trip! At every lodge a wow feeling when we arrived. A wide variety of crazy places, from a cabin in the jungle to a luxury lodge. A lot of experience and seen. Nicaragua was especially cool, especially because it is still so pure. We also enjoyed all the friendly people we met. Too bad we hardly speak Spanish. Now enjoy and enjoy the photo album.


Yentl, Noa, Robin, Johan and Hermien

Our stay in Nicaragua was surprising, glad that we were in Granada on the advice of you. The journey we made was a perfect mix between our wishes and finds on the internet and your experiences and suggestions. Thanks again!


Julian, Fokko, Alexandra, Heleen and Coen

Nicaragua was our third country to discover. In the big lake of Nicaragua lies the Solentiname archipelago. We lived with the daily life of the people there and became acquainted with their handicrafts. Sabolo Lodge is located on the river San Juan, where we were pampered, we stayed in beautiful open cabanas, monkeys, birds and butterflies as neighbors! We went home with a head full of beautiful images.


Michiel, Sacha, Eva and Daan

Alle accommodaties waren geweldig! De afwisseling van zwembad/zee en geen zwemgelegenheid ook héél fijn. Nicaragua was top. Anyway, we zijn jullie heel erg dankbaar dat jullie in zo’n korte tijd zo’n mooie afwisselende reis voor ons hebben uitgestippeld, dankdank!


Wiebe, Franciske, Marrit and Rigt

We enjoyed our trip very well! Very nice to know where you sleep and how you get there. That the first days were fully arranged is a nice start. It is nice to have the day ahead of you and to see what happens that day.
We are very happy to have been guests in 2 different countries. Costa Rica with its overwhelming nature, the eco and the sustainable, the pride of the people, the good in English can speak and the life of Nicaragua, with (in our eyes) poverty, but also with beautiful cities, smells and colors. In both countries we met nice, helpful people.