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Before and after your 4x4 camping road trip

Are you going on 4×4 camping road trip with our friends from Nomad America? Awesome! But did you already think about what you would like to do before and after?

Maybe you want to start with a few days in San Jose, the lively capital of Costa Rica. Or what about an amazing stay in a comfortable lodge or even a treetop house in the rain forest? Or can you imagine yourself watching the sunset at a tropical beach with your favourite cocktail?

Let us help you create the perfect itinerary.
Welcome to Edventure Travel!

Make your adventure complete!

Make your adventure complete!

Nomad America and Edventure Travel share the passion for adventure! We believe there is nothing better than just exploring the beauty of Costa Rica and to go with the flow. The freedom of travelling around without a fixed plan and to be able to decide last minute is an amazing experience, Nomad America and Edventure Travel would love to share with you. We both want to give you the opportunity to follow your dream to explore and discover a new country in your own way. This is also the reason why Ed Smit started Edventure Travel in 2005. He wanted to share his love for Costa Rica with others. Now, Edventure has grown into a tour operator and travel agent with 5 team members. We are based in San José in Costa Rica.

Edventure wants you to connect to the real Central America: meet the locals in Costa Rica, Panama or Nicaragua, explore the vibrant jungle and stay at unique hotels, lodges and homestays. When you travel with us, you have to chance to travel ‘off-the-beaten-track’ and if you wish, you can avoid the tourist hotspots as much as possible. We offer all small-scale, local accommodations, all with an inspiring story and an eye for sustainability. We do care about the environment too and for that’s why we have the possibility to make your road trip through Costa Rica with a plug-in hybrid 4×4! This is a unique offer and we are the first travel agency that implemented this. Check out our video to get the real Edventure Travel feeling!

We create tailor-made trips for you, in which your wishes are key! Because we live in Costa Rica ourselves, we know all the destinations and accommodations from personal experiences. To make sure we can guarantee high service levels and quality, we visit the lodges and other providers on a regular basis. We believe that personal contact with you is the only way to make sure we create your dream holiday, so that is what we do!

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Relaxing start and luxury at the end of your trip?


Relaxing start and luxury at the end of your trip?

You might want to start your Costa Rican adventure a bit relaxed and make yourself comfortable at your new destination. You will most likely arrive at the airport of San Jose, which is also a good place to start your holiday. Explore the city at your own pace and find out why San Jose is a nice place to start your holiday. You can decide whether you prefer to stay in a comfortable budget hotel, or in a beautiful boutique hotel right in the city centre.

After all the excitement of your camping road trip, you might look for pure relaxation and a bit more luxury. Go to the beach! Costa Rica is lucky to have two amazing coastlines, with tropical beaches. Experience the real Caribean and laid-back feeling in Manzanillo or Playa Cocles or travel to the other side of the country to enjoy the most spectacular sunsets at the beach of Samara or Montezuma, on the Nicoya peninsula.

Of course, you can also decide to explore the jungle if you have not done this yet during the camping road trip. We offer many different packages in the Costa Rican jungle. Have you ever heard of Boca Tapada? Here you can stay in a unique tree house in the middle of the rain forest! Or what about a more local experience, while staying at with a family at the farm in Puerto Viego de Sarapiqui.

Or do you want to combine your holiday in Costa Rica with Panama? We can definitely arrange this for you. What about the awesome tropical island Bocas del Toro, where you will understand what is meant by crystal clear water and real white beaches. A completely different experience would be a visit to the traditional village in the mountains of Boquete. And did we tell you already that you could discover the volcanos, surf hotspots and historical cities of Nicaragua as well…? We will guide you through all the options and make the best route for you.

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A 4×4 camping road trip is nice and a lot of fun, but are you done with preparing your own meals and do you want to have a really good meal? Learn more about the culinary culture of San Jose!

Reading your book in your hammock while listening to the waves at the Caribean? Catching the best waves at the Pacific? Staying with a local family at a small farm in the countryside, or with native Bribri Indians or at a fully self-sustainable, off-grid ecolodge? Everything is possible in Costa Rica!

Discover more beautiful places that were not included in your camping road trip. Check out our YouTube-channel to get more inspiration and prepare yourself to fall in love with Costa Rica!

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100% relaxation at the islands of Bocas del Toro or learning more about the Kuna Yala Indians and exploring the underwater treasures of the San Blas islands? Panama offers great endings of your adventure through Central America.

Are you not ready to relax at the beach yet and still looking for more adventure? Go hiking through the beautiful mountains in Boquete, Santa Fe or Valle de Anton. Or go surfing at Santa Catalina. Of course, you can also visit the famous Panama Canal and vibrant Panama City.

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Beautiful and historical cities like León and Granada together with the many volcanos, make Nicaragua a unique holiday destination. Explore the volcanic island of Ometepe, jump into the crater lake of La Laguna de Apoya or stay with a local farmer in the middle of the Miraflor reserve.

Nicaragua is a great country to explore by public transportation or a rental car. The distances between the destinations are not too long, which make it more comfortable, but it is definitely still exciting!

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