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Endless beaches and swaying palms in Las Lajas
Las Lajas is really an untouched region in Panama. The endless beaches along the Pacific coast guarantee nice long walks and excellent horseback riding. Your hotel is right at the beach and the ocean is only steps away. After a dive in the ocean or pool, your hammock and tropical cocktail are waiting for you!
The perfect waves for surfing in Santa Catalina
Santa Catalina one of the best places for surfing in Panama. The place used to be a small fishing village, but Now it's getting more known as one of the best surf spots in Central America. Whether you are an experienced surfer or just a beginner, this is the place to be when it comes to sun, sea and waves...
Experience colonial culture and traditions in Pedasí
Discover Panama's rich colonial history and culture in the charming little town of Pedasí. Its colonial past is reflected in the many traditional activities and festivals. Take your time to explore the historic town centre and enjoy the local street life from a terrace on the central square, while sipping a cold drink or a Panamanian coffee.
Biking and surfing in Bocas del Toro
Enjoy the relaxed and typical Caribbean atmosphere of Bocas del Toro! These islands are now one of the most popular tourist destinations in Panama, but the friendly people, the beautiful beaches and great food and music make you don't want to leave anymore.
Discover the highlights of Panama City
Panama City is a great destination to either start or ends your trip in Panama. The city is famous for the Canal, but there's so much more! The city has really developed into a modern metropole, but kept its charm as well, which is to be seen and felt in the old part of town, 'Casco Viejo'. In addition, jungle and beaches are only a stone's throw away. Have fun exploring the highlights of Panama City!
Explore the beautiful waterfalls of Santa Fé
This little town in Panama's highlands is surrounded by the rainforest of the Santa Fe National Park. There's great hiking to discover the beautiful waterfalls in the area and in the town itself there's a charming local market with great handicrafts, a must-visit!
Great hiking and birdwatching in El Valle de Anton
The picturesque village of El Valle de Anton is located in one of the largest volcano craters in the world and one of the best places for hiking in Panama! This unique location makes it the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Panama City. Here you are surrounded by lush jungle and it's a great place to hike and to do some birdwatching.
Visit Gunas Indians on the tropical San Blas islands
Guna Yala, formerly known as the San Blas Islands, may be the most beautiful destination in Panama. Here you find white beaches, swaying palms and Guna Yala Indians, a tribe that still follows a traditional way of life. A visit to Guna Yala is a great opportunity to discover beautiful nature and an ancient culture all in one.
Bird watching in Soberania National Park
Less than an hour from Panama City you find the Soberania National Park, the absolute place for bird watching in Panama. This rainforest is a true biodiversity 'hot spot' and you can spot over 500 bird species in total (not all at once unfortunately...!). This unique flora and fauna has been created by primary and secondary rainforest, marshes and streams and is a true birdlover's paradise!
Go snorkeling in unspoiled Boca Chica
Boca Chica is a truly untouched region on the northern Pacific coast of Panama. Here you find pristine beaches, deserted bays and lush jungle. Enjoy all this from your hammock or kayak, your stay here will be unforgettable!
The best coffee and hiking through the cloud forests of Boquete
A great climate, excellent coffee, tropical flowers, lots of tasty fruits and vegetables....Boquete has it all! The village is a great starting point to explore the area by foot or horseback. Climb the only volcano in Panama, book a canopy tour or learn more about the coffee making process.

Patrick and Tessa 

What has been fantastic in our trip through Panama and Costa Rica. Everything above expectations and every day we think back to the beautiful nature, the animals, the people and all the beautiful things we have seen and experienced together. The trip was very well arranged and met more than 100% of our expectations and wishes, beautiful small accommodations which we really were one with the people and nature. We met a lot of nice locals and experienced a lot. We got a lot from the daily life of the local people and were able to take all nature, we spotted a lot of animals, with a guide and ourselves! It is a journey never to be forgotten and every day we will think back to the wonderful period that we have had there.


Pauline and Joke

Meanwhile, we are back from a fantastic journey through Panama that we have been able to make with you. And what a varied journey it has been! We have received more than enough information, nice that on the way we were also contacted if everything was ok. The concerns about arranging nice places to stay were completely taken out of our hands. The small scale of the hotels or bed and breakfasts ensured that we were always well taken care of on the spot. We have done everything by public bus or shuttles. That is great, because the distances are not that big you can travel quietly. The people are very helpful and friendly, often they drive you with the luggage to the final destination. Not to mention how often we got a smile and a piece of fruit. A wonderful multi-purpose journey and seen so much, we can enjoy it for a long time!


Gerard S.

The trip to Bocas went smoothly. Nice lodges above the water. Lots of snorkeling and swimming. During a beach walk an Indian settlement was seen. They had just caught a huge fish. The trip to Panama City was delayed due to a tropical rain shower of nearly two hours. Was also special. Until then, we have practically no rain. The stay in Panama City was short but interesting. Visiting Casco Viejo and the lock complex of the Miraflores was particularly worthwhile. Also Panama Viejo was worth it with its ruins. Also experienced a tropical rain of one and a half hours. During that rain had a nice conversation with an excellent English speaking lady. The flight home went smoothly. The trip and locations were very worthwhile. Thanks for the excellent organization!


Family Van Gulik

We have made a beautiful, well organized trip through Panama and Costa Rica. Everything was very well arranged and we had nice, mostly small-scale locations to stay. It was a varied journey and we have seen a lot of nature.


Nel and Egbert

Panama City: Our hotel was fine and special to be in the city, canal, exhibition, the old town, etc. Then flying to Bocas de Toro: great, special to experience how far sailing was to the mangrove island at Francine . Wonderful there and wonderful lodge. They cook delicious! Then back to Boca and with the shuttle bus to the border: what a separate border, such an old railway bridge!