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Traveling in Panama

When you have selected Panama as your upcoming travel destination, let our ready-made travels inspire you. For these travels we’ve combined our favorite travel modules into various journeys. We can completely adapt these trips to your needs and the travel modules used in these trips can also be shortened or extended.

Our popular ready-made travels in Panama:

Tropical islands of Panama
Panama is a country with many tropical islands and an impressive underwater world. During this trip you will go snorkeling on one of the world's most beautiful reefs and you will explore the region around the crater village of El Valle. In addition, you go camping on an deserted island and get acquainted with the indigenous Indian culture of the country.
Discover the highlights of Panama in 3 weeks
Get to know beautiful and unspoiled Panama in 3 weeks! The country certainly offers much more than the famous Panama Canal. During this journey you can climb volcanoes, relax on deserted beaches and explore the countryside in the north of the country. You start out in Panama City and then travel on to the north where its natural surroundings will surprise you. Taste delicious coffee in Boquete and enjoy the beach in Bocas del Toro. Panama will prove to be a great holiday destination!