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Terms and conditions (National Car)


General conditions when renting a car in Costa Rica:

As of July 1, 2019, the rates below will be increased by 13% tax due to new tax legislation.

Insurance rates per day:

Type auto
Basic Full Cover*
Suzuki Jimny (no longer available in offer) US$ 15 US$ 23
Daihatsu Bego (no longer available in offer) US$ 15 US$ 23
Vitara o Similar US$ 15 US$ 23
Gran Vitara Automático o Similar US$ 20 US$ 28
Toyota  Fortuner Auto US$ 20 US$ 28
Toyota Prado Auto US$ 20 US$ 28

*including basic insurance

Insurance Terms:

LDW Coverage Collision and Theft

When you rent a vehicle from NATIONAL CAR RENTAL, you are responsible for returning it to the same condition in which you received it. This is a coverage that allows you to cover the vehicle, in case of theft, damage to the finish of the vehicle due to vandalism or collision. The insurance covers your own car with a deductible of US$800 (Gran Vitara o Similar) or US$1,500 (Gran Vitara Automático o Similar, Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Prado). In case of theft, the excess is US$2,000. This does not cover other damage to the vehicle caused by negligence in driving through sand, water, under the influence of alcohol, failure to produce legal documents or as stipulated in the rental contract.

SLC Third-party property damage coverage

This coverage discharges you from financial liability for third party property damage up to ¢10,000,000.00. Accidental death and damage to third parties resulting from a traffic accident with the rented vehicle up to ¢50,000,000.00 per person and ¢100,000,000.00 per occurrence, determined by a state court (Republic of Costa Rica), as long as the affected person is not the driver, an immediate family member or a person living in the same household of the driver. If you are involved in an accident with the rented vehicle and damage third party property or third parties, your sole liability is 20% or a minimum of $250.00. The SLC is optional as long as the LDW is not declined. If you do not take this coverage, you will be liable for the full amount of third party property damage.

Windows and tires

Covers damage to windows and tires, does not cover theft. In case of a damaged tire, the renter changes the tire himself, at one of National Car’s offices the damaged tire can be changed for a new spare or repaired.

Full insurance with no deductible

National Car Rental offers you the option to exclude your liability for the deductibles of the accepted coverages, as long as the damage does not result from the driver’s negligence in driving through sand, water, under the influence of alcohol or for the violation of any of the clauses in the rental contract.
Note: National Car Rental will evaluate the possibility of applying or waiving this insurance based on the amount and amount of damage to the rental vehicles.

Full cover / Maximum coverage

Covers all of the above mentioned coverages.


Insurance restrictions (limiting conditions).

The above insurances do not cover costs when there is:

The coverage does not apply:
If you fail to pay the rental fee.
If you or another authorized driver violates the terms of the rental agreement.
If you do not accept the coverages at the start of the rental.

The mentioned insurance policies do not cover assistance nor travel expenses when there are damaged tires, lost keys, dead batteries because the light was left on or replacement of the car in case of an accident, towing or rescue costs.

The no excess insurance (zero deductible) does not cover 20% of the damage caused to the property of third parties, if the customer causes a so-called “at-fault” accident. This is an accident caused by the customer driving the rental car. If the insurance company ultimately rules that the customer driving the rental car is 51% or more responsible for causing the accident, then he is formally “at fault. This would be the case, for example, if the driver did not drive responsibly and did not follow the traffic rules.

Important information:

The pick up

In case of damage / problems with the car:

The above information is subject to the laws and regulations of the Republic of Costa Rica and is therefore subject to change.