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Travel blog Central America - inspiration, tips and stories

In this travel blog, we share travel adventures and special stories, but also practical tips about our destinations and travels in Central America, especially Costa Rica.

In a real Edventure journey, you will go off the beaten track. You are a guest in unique and authentic accommodations, you travel with local guides and get to know the real Central Americans. What are the nicest places, how do you organize this and how have others experienced their trip? In our travel blog, you will find these answers and much more inspiration!

You will see travel blogs from our regular blog team consisting of Marlou, Renee and Lisa, but we also invite guest bloggers (and vloggers) to share their experiences at this place. Did you know that we also share our favourite spots with the world on our Facebook and Instagram almost every day?

Do you have a question about a destination, do you want to collaborate with Edventure once or do you have an ultimate travel tip that you would like to share? Please contact us. We love to hear from you!

  • Tips, stories and inspiration about, among others:
  • Authentic experiences and accommodations
  • The best cultural hotspots
  • Most beautiful and undiscovered beaches
  • Best restaurants and eateries
  • What you need to know before departure
  • And more...

Despite the corona virus, you can go on holiday to Costa Rica! From August 1, 2020, tourists from the EU, UK and Canada are welcome again!

That’s good news, of course. But what do you have to take into account? Can you just enter the country? And do you have to wear a mouth mask everywhere? (Don’t worry: you don’t have to wear one in the pool 😉)

In this blog post we tell you everything you need to know. We inform you about the current situation and we give you an overview of the most important rules. With this information you can properly plan your vacation to Costa Rica well in time. And, as a local travel expert we´d be happy to help you organize your trip!

Travelling to Costa Rica in times of corona

In this travel blog we share useful information and tips about what is a real highlight for many Central America travelers: visiting the Corcovado National Park!

What makes this park so special? Well, that’s because of the location, the size, but especially the dizzying diversity of flora and fauna! Whether you visit the park on a day tour or a multi-day trekking, you will undoubtedly spot a lot of animals.

Animals that you can encounter in Corcovado include anteaters (the Tamandua, as in this photo), cougars, monkeys, tapirs, macaws and much more. You will undoubtedly not forget a visit to this park.

How do you get there? And where can you spend the night? We’ll tell you all in this travel blog.

Practical info on your visit to Corcovado National Park

Want to know what it is like to go for an awesome road trip with a 4×4 with rooftop tent? Experienced travellers Jan and Marieke from Belgium did just that!

They explored Costa Rica in a small 4×4 vehicle with rooftop tent. On this adventure, they camped on the beach in Guanacaste, in the rainforest at Rio Celeste in Bijagua and around the mesmerizing area of the Arenal volcano.

“Our road trip was unforgettable!” Read more about their adventures in Costa Rica in their travel blog.

Blog: 4x4 with rooftop tent Road Trip

Is coffee the first thing that comes to mind when you open your eyes in the morning? Do you have any idea how it is produced?

Visit a coffee plantation in Costa Rica and learn all about the production process of your favorite drink. Of course, tasting is required and you can stock up for at home.

Edventure Travel collaborates with various small-scale and authentic coffee plantations where high-quality coffee is being produced. Our intern Marieke Schouten wrote this travel blog and also made this fantastic video during her trip in Costa Rica. Read on quickly and book your trip to a coffee plantation!

Visit a coffee plantation in Costa Rica

Have you ever considered a homestay for your trip through Costa Rica? It is great fun! Stay with a local family in a cabin on their property or even in their house (in your own room of course!). We think this is one of the nicest ways to experience authentic Costa Rica!

Costa Rican people are friendly, hospitable and very pleasant to be around. Although people in the countryside often live fairly simply, the Costa Ricans are very happy people. They feel proud of their country and culture and are very happy to share this with you.

Because the Edventure Travel team lives and works in Costa Rica and is off exploring as often as they can, we select and know all our homestays personally. Our intern Marieke (20) from the Netherlands also visited 6 homestays for her internship. In this travel blog she will let you know what is so great about a homestay in Costa Rica!

Experience a homestay in Costa Rica

Even though you may only stay a short time in San José, the capital of Costa Rica offers many spots to see. In this blog we take you to our personal favorites. Think of the historic part of the center, nice boutiques, trendy places to drink coffee and the best markets.

Do you want to discover the nightlife? Discover in this blog where you can dance and order a delicious drink!

The entire Edventure Travel team lives and works in San José and therefore knows the nicest places. Renee takes you by the hand in this blog.

Discover our favorites sites in San José

Of course, good food is also part of an unforgettable holiday! But when you travel to Costa Rica you probably don’t think about food first. Yet the country has a lot of culinary surprises.

We have made a list of our culinary hotspots. We start in the capital San José, where the gastronomic map have had a burst in the recent years. Also outside San José you can find a lot of gastronomic delights, discover them in this blog from Renee. After reading this blog you will be craving the food in Costa Rica!

Check out our gastronomic hotspots

Spending the night in a tent in the jungle or on the beach immediately creates a special atmosphere. You feel even closer to nature, especially if in the morning you are woken up by howler monkeys or a toucan family!

Glamping, which stands for glamourous camping, is still relatively new in Costa Rica, but in more and more beautiful places you will find luxury safari tent camps. They are usually fully equipped with a nice bathroom and good beds, a nice terrace and often also a fridge.

Do you see yourself camping glamourously on the beach, in the mountains or in the middle of the jungle? We have tested and selected the most beautiful glampings for you. Check them out in Renee´s blog!

Check out the best glampings in Costa Rica

Part of our work at Edventure Travel is discovering beautiful and well-hidden places, experiencing them ourselves and then share them with other travellers. For one of their expeditions, colleagues Lisa and Marlou drove from San Jose over the mountain pass of the Braulio Carrillo National Park towards the Caribbean coast to Bananito Norte, a small village surrounded by banana plantations and tropical rain forest.

´Our three-day stay in this special ecolodge made a great impression and is highly recommended! It is not easy to get there, but it`s worth the effort. In addition to all the adventures that you can experience here (like flying a gyrocopter!), there is so much to learn about nature conservation and you can participate in it yourself`, says Marlou.

In this blog, Marlou tells you why you should not skip a stay at this lodge…

Read more

You have booked a trip to Central America but have no idea what you can best take with you?

In this blog, we are happy to help you on your way with a handy packing list and some extra tips to make your holiday in Costa Rica, Panama or Nicaragua as unforgettable as possible!

Photo: Boy de Nijs

Check the packing list

Graduation student and Edventure intern Jaimy van Eenennaam travelled to Costa Rica for the first time in September 2018. The ultimate treat after successfully completing her Tourism Management studies.

Jaimy thought it was a great experience: “The Caribbean coast, in particular, left a great impression on me. The beautiful weather, the many palm trees, the sounds of the sea and the reggae music played in the nice restaurants immediately gave me a summer feeling.”

This is what her travel blog is about. In addition to her stories and tips regarding accommodation and activities on the Caribbean coast, you can also see the travel vlogs that Jaimy recorded during her trip.

Read more

Chances are that your tour in Costa Rica starts or ends in San José, the capital of the country. The city is beautifully situated in the so-called Central Valley and surrounded by green mountains (where you can go hiking and mountain biking for example). And the weather is nice all year round, not too hot and not too cold …

Yet, travellers prefer to skip the city. Arrive in the evening and like to leave in the morning, because the city is big, busy, ugly and uninviting. At least they’ve heard or read that in their travel guide.

At Edventure, we often get this from potential clients too, but we like to convince our travellers to start their journey with two nights in San Jose. Why? Because in and around San José there are also many beautiful and fun things to see and discover. You just have to know. And what you need to know exactly, that’s what Renee’s travel blog in Costa Rica is all about.

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In Costa Rica, you can spot a lot of animals and you don’t even have to put a lot of effort into it. You have probably seen the sloth, the toucan, the blue Morpho butterfly and the red-eyed frog on photos of Costa Rica, but there are so many more animals to see!

Where you can best spot the animals on your Edventure trip, Lisa tells you in this travel blog.

Wildlife watching in Costa Rica

Our regular bloggers:


Renee brings you up to date on lifestyle and culture in Central America with her travel blogs. She tells you about the best hotspots in San José, the capital of Costa Rica that has undergone a true metamorphosis in recent years and is certainly worth exploring during your trip. The best restaurants, nicest boutiques and best local markets, Renee shares it with you. As well as practical tips to prepare for your trip.


Lisa, our newest colleague, regularly sets off to discover our Edventure destinations in Central America herself. With her pick-up, she makes her way through all kinds of terrains in search of adventure. Via travel blogs and vlogs she takes you on her trips through the jungle, volcanoes, oceans and beaches of Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua.


For Marlou, the best thing about travelling is being allowed to experience authentic and local experiences. You learn to view life from different angles and you can try new things. The Marlou travel blogs introduce you to our authentic destinations, the real Central America and the lifestyle of its residents.