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Our 100% electric SUV Selvita


Our 100% electric SUV Selvita

Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse countries of the globe, with over 5% of all animal species in the world, and thousands of plants and trees. One of the main reasons for the biodiversity is the fact that Costa Rica forms a narrow land bridge between North and South America. Therefore, it is not only home to many animals but also migratory birds.

Another reason is that you find six different types of forest in Costa Rica. The tropical dry forest, cloud forest, and rain forest are three examples. In these different areas, you find many endangered species, for example, the jaguar, spider monkey, great green macaw, squirrel monkey, golden frog, harpy eagle, danta, and many more. These animals would not survive in other types of forest, which makes it even more important to preserve them.

To protect the fauna and the flora for future generations, Costa Rica declared almost 25% of its territory, protected area. Sadly, the country’s nature is still being threatened, mainly because of the rapidly growing population, harmful agricultural practices, building, logging, and pollution.

To do our part in protecting and preserving Costa Rica’s forests, we acquired the car ‘La Selvita’, which translates into ‘forest’. We want this car to make people aware of the threats Costa Rica’s nature is in, and we want to help protect it. Read more about the cause connected to ‘La Selvita’ below.


Our BYD Yuan S1 car, alias ‘La Selvita’, is a great car for couples or small family’s. ‘La Selvita’ means forest, and that is exactly the cause of this small but powerful SUV.

The car is equipped with A/C, sky roof, 360 degrees cameras, entertainment station, Wi-Fi, cellphone with internet and useful apps included in the car, and full coverage car insurance.

  • Model: BYD YUAN S1 2020
  • Passengers: 3 Adults
  • Luggage: 3 Suitcases
  • Range: 400km / 250 miles
  • Battery: 70kwh / 130 kw

Selvita's Cause

Selvita's Cause

Costa Rica is the greenest country in the world, and we like to keep it that way. 25% of the land in Costa Rica is protected by law. Not enough is done by the country itself to protect these areas. Illegal activities like logging, farming, mining, and building still take place inside the protected areas. 

In 1996 Fundación Cuencas de Limón (FCL) was established by Jurgen Stein, the owner of Selva Bananito Lodge (he would love to tell you about it in person). This foundation was established to protect the watersheds of the southeastern mountain region of Costa Rica. This area is the main water source of the city of Limon and other Caribbean towns like Puerto Viejo de Talamanca and Bananito. 

The foundation makes a big effort to expand the biological buffer, hire guards to report illegal logging and hunting, educate the local people, and expand the conservation efforts. As well they try to change legislation to make sure the government does more to protect the area. 

By renting ‘La Selvita’ 10 % of your daily car rental goes to this project. So you directly help the preservation of the forests of Costa Rica. 

100% electric SUV Selvita:

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