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country Panama
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Snorkeling Boca Chica

Boca Chica is ideal for snorkelling. The area is a beautiful, pristine section of Panama’s northern Pacific coast. You find a few small villages here, but the area mainly consists of deserted bays with beautiful sandy beaches surrounded by jungle. Are you ready for a real off-the-beaten-track experience?

Your stay on an uninhabited peninsula makes your visit to Boca Chica unforgettable. Unspoiled beaches are interspersed with lush jungle. The friendly hotel owner will warmly welcome you and entertain you with his stories and excellent cooking skills.


  • Pristine beaches
  • Lush jungle
  • Transfers by boat
  • Wildlife
  • Closed between March and May




Relax in your hammock on the beach or go swimming and snorkelling in Boca Chica. You can explore the nearby coral reefs and unspoiled underwater world. When you walk around the island, you for sure spot monkies in the trees or turtles on the beach.

Furthermore, you can book a boat trip to spot whales or dolphins. You can also go kayaking, surfing or sailing or challenge your companions to a game of volleyball, badminton or a nice board game.


Van der Meer family (Feb. 2020)

What an experience! This was certainly one of our best stays. Not so much in terms of the accommodation (it was a bit dated and there was no air conditioning) but it is such a beautiful private beach with hammocks. And Frank is a great host! We enjoyed delicious food there too.

Also, we loved being woken up by the howler monkeys!


Nicoline and Bernard

The trip to Boca Chica by public transport went well. We had bought tickets for seats on a double-decker bus. A nice ride with an occasional stopover and we arrived right on time at the crossing in Horconsitos. In Boca Chica, the boat was ready to take us to Pacific Bay Resort. A trip of half an hour to ‘Paradise Island’. Beautiful place, beautiful bays, perfect houses, a great restaurant, extremely friendly and helpful staff, we had a wonderful time!!!

Tip from Renee:


Tip from Renee:

Your trip to Boca Chica is already an experience in itself; you travel there by bus, taxi and boat. Once there, it is wonderful to do nothing, but my tip is to explore the bays by kayak or go snorkeling in Boca Chica. In addition, do enjoy sun, sea, beach and the culinary creations of the great chef of the lodge!

Photos of Boca Chica:

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