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Staying in a small, Costa Rican village in the country side and making your own coffee during a unique coffee tour : all that is possible in Providencia in Costa Rica, a great off the beaten track experience!

In addition to the coffee tour, there are various other super fun local activities in Providencia, such as jam making, a visit to a sustainable organic farm, a “dairy factory” or making recycle art during a workshop with local artists. One such activity is included in your stay in Providencia. Providencia is also very suitable for multi-day walking tours. The village lies in a beautiful valley of the Cerro de la Muerte Mountains, next to the Los Quetzales National Park.

The best coffee in Costa Rica is produced in the Providencia region. Local growers claim that they even produce the best coffee from Central America … and of course you have to taste that during the coffee tour! In addition to coffee, all kinds of other crops are cultivated near the village. The majority of the 1500 inhabitants of Providencia are farmers.

Tourism is still new in Providencia; and a more ‘off the beaten track’ and authentic destination can hardly be found.  Your home during your stay is a comfortable cabin with private bathroom on the grounds of a local family. They will warmly welcome you and look after all your needs.  Your meals, prepared with locally and organically grown ingredients, are included in your stay. By the way, if you want to learn more about the Costa Rican cuisine and want to try cooking with the locals, do not hesitate to ask!

Last but not least, if you prefer to stay in beautiful safari tents in a lodge, that is also possible, please contact us for more information.

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  • Cabin, homestay or safari tent
  • Quetzal

Local activities

Local activities

When staying in this beautiful region, two activities of your choice are included in your stay. All tours and activities are offered and organized by local families and guides:
Ana and Enrique teach you how they produce high-quality coffee on a small scale. The Valverde family shows you how to make jam from locally grown fruits that we do not know in Europe. Professional guide Adrian can take you on fantastic hikes or birdwatching tour in search of the mythic Quetzal. It is also possible to visit a sustainable and organic farm or spend half a day in the local dairy factory where you learn how to milk cows and make cheese.

The Aguero Cordero family is the most creative family in the community; they make art from used objects and give very nice workshops. A visit to Providencia should not be missed in a real ‘off the beaten track’ trip!

What Providencia is like

Tip from Marlou:


Tip from Marlou:

If you prefer hiking over coffee picking ;-), then consider signing up for a beautiful 3, 4 or 9-day trekking from Providencia to Quepos. Your dedicated guide Adrian speaks English and will make sure you will have the best time! During this adventure, you find yourself surrounded by nature. You spend the day hiking and at night time you will enjoy a stay with a local family.

Providencia, the starting point of this hike, is in the mountains. The hike ends near the coast, which means you will slowly descend and pass different micro climates. This is definitely a unique experience!

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