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Our electric rental car Jaguar


Our electric rental car Jaguar

Our electric rental car jaguar is chosen because the jaguar is one of the most emblematic animals of Costa Rica. Sadly, this majestic and powerful animal is rarely seen in Costa Rica. But, if you are lucky, you could experience an encounter on the Caribbean lowlands or deep into the rainforest of Corcovado National park. Even though Costa Rica is one of the Greenest country’s in the world, the habitat has been decreasing rapidly. 

We really wanted to do something for the jaguars and support a cause to protect them. And what better way than with a real Jaguar! 

We decided to buy a full electrical Jaguar, not only to help Costa Rica’s jaguars but as well to offer a truly unique luxury experience for our customers. Because sustainability and luxury can go hand in hand. 

We went kind of nuts on the extra’s because, well, we can :-). One of the most important features is the fact you can adjust the height of the car, this is pretty useful on Costa Rica’s roads. As well, you have a panoramic sky roof, so you can admire the canopy and watch the monkeys and birds above. 


Yes, this is a Jaguar with jaguar wrapping, and you can drive it through Costa Rica! If you love traveling, luxury, and sustainability, this is your car. Just like our other cars, our Jaguar is 100% electrical and can will drive you anywhere in Costa Rica.

The car is well-equipped with cooled seating, a wide panorama roof, and adjustable height. If you choose the Jaguar to be your car during your trip through Costa Rica, 10% of the daily rental will go to a project to protect the endangered jaguar in Costa Rica.

The car is equipped with A/C, seat cooling/heating, panoramic sky roof, leather upholstery, cellphone with internet and useful apps included in the car, and full coverage car insurance.

  • Model: I-PACE 2021
  • Passengers: 3 adults
  • Luggage: 3 Suitcases
  • Range: 460km / 286 miles
  • Battery: 90kwh

The Jaguars cause


The Jaguars cause

The jaguar is one of Costa Rica’s national symbols. But sadly, they are critically endangered. The jaguar itself is protected and the fines (and even jail time) for killing one are high, but still, their habitat is becoming smaller.

Almost 25% of Costa Rica exists of protected areas and national parks, but not enough is done to actually make sure people don’t invade these parks. Illegal hunting, farming, mining, building, and logging are still going on. Not enough is done to prevent this. 

Jaguars need large territories. So, to survive they need biological corridors which connect the forests of Costa Rica. Efforts are done to establish this, but a lot more has to be done to help Jaguars to roam freely. By renting our Jaguar, 10% of the daily rental fee will go to a Talamanca mountain range-based project to protect the habitat of jaguars in Costa Rica.

Electric rental car Jaguar pictures

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