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Our Electric SUV YouCan


Our Electric SUV YouCan

My name is the YouCan an electric SUV. We chose this name because I love Youp and I love Toucans. That probably says it all!

My owners, Renee and Ed, have started the Green Circle Experience back in 2014 as part of their travel agency Edventure Travel. The Green Circle Experience is Renee and Ed’s way to live their dream. Creating ‘the most sustainable experience in the greenest country in the world’ and sharing this great experience with travelers from all over the world.

But let me also tell you about Youp. When you don’t rent me, Youp is my favourite passenger. I take him to school, to his therapists, and sometimes to doctors and hospitals. Youp was born with cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair. Sustainability is as important to him as it is for his parents.

YouCan's specifications

YouCan will be your trustworthy SUV companion throughout Costa Rica. It easily fits 5 adults and has a 500km/310mile range. YouCan is the ideal car for families or a group of friends.  It is spacious, comfortable, and powerful, and therefore one of the best options to explore Costa

YouCan is equipped with A/C, sky roof, 360 degrees cameras, an entertainment station, cellphone with internet and useful apps included in the car, and full coverage car insurance. 

  • Model: BYD Tang 2020
  • Passengers: 5 Adults
  • Luggage: 5 Suitcases
  • Range: 500km / 310 miles
  • Battery: 83kwh / 180kw

YouCan's cause


YouCan's cause

Youp also cares for other children with cerebral palsy in Costa Rica, who do not have the same access to health care as him. If you rent me, 10% of your Green Circle Experience rental fee will be used to support these children and their families, giving them better access to information and the medical assistance they deserve but not always can afford. 

Anik Foundation works hard to collect the economic funds necessary to offer physical help to children with special needs, improving their quality of life and promoting their development skills. A lot of family’s in Costa Rica cannot afford physical therapy or aid for their children. The foundation aims to help these family’s, so children can get the best treatment and help. In short, they try to help children to overcome their limitations to better their lives. For example, physical therapy, occupational therapy, hydrotherapy, language therapy, psychology, and odontology along others.

Electric SUV YouCan in pictures:

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