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Kermit the electric car


Kermit the electric car

Thanks to Francisco Soto Azofeifa Green Circle is able to welcome a new rental car to our car-sharing platform Green Circle Wheels. The BYD S2 electric car is a compact young, intelligent and versatile SUV great for travelling as a couple or small family. 

Francisco decided he wanted the car to represent the beautiful frogs of Costa Rica. Therefore, the design is made out of the three most iconic frogs in Costa Rica.

You find the elusive, almost see-through Glass frog on our car. This frog is hard to see by yourself as it is one of the smallest frogs in the country with only a couple of cm / inches. Apart from the Glass frog, we added the Strawberry poison dart frog, also a small frog but easier to see as it makes a high-pitched sound and is easily seen hopping around on the forest floor with its red body and blue legs, that’s why they also call this frog the Blue jeans frog. 

Last but not least you find several depictions of the colourful Red-eyed tree frog. Undoubtedly, the most famous frog in Costa Rica with its bright-green body, big orange eyes, and blue inner legs. You can find this frog in the evening in plants around ponds. 



Our BYD S2 electric car is a versatile small car that is a great fit for couples of small family’s for a trip through Costa Rica.

It offers a range of 350 km, thanks to its 70 kW engine with 180 Nm of torque, and the 40.6 kWh NCM battery with 105 cells.

Its technological system is equipped with a 10-inch touch screen, automatic air conditioning, multifunction steering wheel, auxiliary input, USB, and Bluetooth connection.  

  • Model: BYD S2
  • Passengers: 3 adults
  • Luggage: 3 Suitcases
  • Range: 350km / 225miles
  • Battery: 70kwh / 130 kw

Kermit's Cause


Kermit's Cause

10% of the daily rental fee of your car is reserved for the homeless shelter Centro Dormitorio at Calle 12 in the city centre of Costa Rica’s capital San Jose.

In Costa Rica there are more than 4000 people who are homeless, most of them in San Jose.  Most of the people who live on the streets did not choose this path in life, but financial struggles, mental health, addiction, and illness are often the reasons they don’t find another way to live.

To make sure these people to have a safe place to sleep and are able to rest and take a shower, Centro Dormitorio has more than 50 beds available to help them out. They provide healthy meals to them as well.

The shelter depends largely on donations to maintain operations, so your help will be really appreciated.

Our electric car Kermit

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