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Volcano crater lake Nicaragua

Laguna de Apoyo is the deepest volcano crater lake Nicaragua, located in the sleeping Apoyo volcano, about 10 km from Granada and Masaya. The flooded crater lake is 200 meters deep and even the deepest point of Nicaragua. In the clean water, you will find unique species of fish, which you will not encounter anywhere else! This beautiful area, less than 20 minutes from Granada is definitely a must-visit for all nature lovers. Take a refreshing dive or sign up for a SUP tour on the lake!

Mystical place


Mystical place

The lake is a very peaceful place surrounded by lush jungle, which makes it a rather dreamy destination. Here, you can spot birds, howler monkeys and squirrels. The water is wonderfully refreshing. You can swim, kayak or just relax and float around. Nothing indicates that you are so close to the vibrant town of Granada. The great escape!

What you can see in La Laguna de Apoyo:

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Isla de Ometepe or the also known as Ometepe island lies in the Lake of Nicaragua and was originally formed by two large volcanoes: La Concepcion and Madera. Ometepe also literally means two (ome) mountains (tepe). It's native history makes the island special and worthwhile to explore by foot, bike or motorbike. You arrive by ferry and stay in a simple, but comfortable hotel, a great place to start exploring the island!
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Visiting Granada when in Nicaragua is a must-do! Historically, Granada always has been one of Nicaragua's most important cities. Nowadays, this beautiful and colourful town is also the country's main tourist destination. However, you don't find tourist hordes here, you can still experience the true day-to-day routines of the Nicaraguans living in the city. There's a lot to see and do around town, so take your time and spend at least a few days here!

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