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Santa Rosa National Park

From Los Andes you can make a nice day trip to Santa Rosa National Park. This national park is located in Guanacaste, only a few kilometres from the Nicaraguan border. The park is known for its unique vegetation.

You are staying in an ecolodge with stunning views from which you can discover the jungle. The road to the lodge is already an experience: you drive down from the town of La Cruz passing endless orange plantations. The owner picks you up with his 4×4 jeep to travel the last part to the lodge, following a muddy trail.

Tierra Madre has 2 comfortable bungalows and the owners prepare delicious food themselves. The isolated, but beautiful location make that you can really relax and feel inspired by the beautiful nature around you.

From the terrace of your bungalow, you have a beautiful view of the perfectly conical Concepción and Maderas volcanoes, located on the island of Ometepe in neighbouring Nicaragua.


Activities at Tierra Madre Ecolodge


Activities at Tierra Madre Ecolodge

From Tierra Madre you can explore the rainforest, cool down under a beautiful waterfall or stroll down the garden with many fruit trees. If you want to explore the region a bit further, the nearby beautiful coast of Bahias Salinas is famous for its pristine beaches and great kitesurfing.

Back at the lodge, the friendly Belgian owners can tell you everything about the edible plants that grow around the lodge. Your meals are mostly prepared with locally grown products. After sunset, you’ll be entertained by the sounds of the jungle.


Otto and Elly

Just a quick message from us while still on the road. We enjoyed our stay at Tierra Madre so much, we just wanted to let you know this. The Belgian owner Adriaan has great stories to tell.  We both felt at home and the food is really excellent. The friendly and modest cook prepares great meals.

What to see around Tierra Madre?

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