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Rafting in Costa Rica

The Orosi Valley, close to the Turrialba volcano, is a great destination for wild water rafting in Costa Rica. Turrialba means ‘river of fire’ in the indigenous Huetar language. Therefore, the rivers in this area are also known for their ferocious waters. The best kayakers in the world come here to train and fans of adrenaline will get what they’re looking for.

Additionally, you can go horseback riding, mountain biking or do a canyoning tour in the area. If you prefer to take it easy, you can also visit the botanical garden CATIE and learn more about tropical crops.

You spend the night in a nice family hotel in the little town of Orosi. From here, it is possible to visit the sleeping volcano Irazu. With 3432 meters the highest volcano in Costa Rica. Nearby villages of Paraiso and Cachi offer nice hiking trails and you can relax in natural hot springs as well.




You stay in the Orosi Valley, a beautiful and unique region. While travelling here, you will notice that Costa Rica has many different (micro) climates and you will drive through tropical rain forests and cloud forests. Because of this fertile climate there are also many coffee and sugar cane plantations.

A coffee tour in the quaint village of Aquiares is a really nice stop to see and taste more of local business and production.

Coffee tour Aquiares

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Tip from Linda:


Tip from Linda:

Looking for and extra dosis of Edventure? Then go on a two-day wild water rafting trip and spend the night on the riverbank of Rio Pacuare! Contact us for more information.

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