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Stay at a real finca in Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui

During these two days, you do much more than just staying at the farm of the Gomez Family in Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui! Both Don Rodolfo and his wife Doña Rosa, together with their 8 adult children, warmly welcome you at their family home and organic farm.  They are happy to their Pura Vida lifestyle in the Costa Rica countryside with you for a few days. A great and unforgettable experience!  

Don Rodolfa and Doña Rosa used to be involved in the cultivation of tropical ornamental plants. A few years ago, however, they decided to do things differently and now grow organic pineapple and cacao. During your stay, you’ll get an interesting tour and they tell you everything you want to know about their activities and crops such as cocoa, pepper, sugar cane and pineapple (the sweetest you have ever tasted!).

The family makes your stay a feast, preparing the most delicious dishes. Your stay with them is experiencing the true countryside life in Costa Rica!

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  • Rafting

Farm tour


Farm tour

Immerse yourself in life in the Costa Rican countryside during your stay here in Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui. Learn about local farming traditions and enjoy a nice walk on the farm. For lunch, you can catch your own tilapia and is then prepared in a traditional way with ingredients that Don Rodolfa and Doña Rosa cultivate ecologically.

In addition, Don Rodolfo will be happy to answer all your questions about cultivation, the crops they grow and the animals they have on the farm. This is for sure a unique experience!

Things to see and do around the farm


Things to see and do around the farm

In the nearby villages of Chilamate and La Virgen, you can visit the private nature reserve Tirimbina or the biological station Selva Verde. During the day you can spot birds and sloths, and in the evening you can book a ‘night tour’ to explore jungle life in the dark, accompanied by a professional guide.

When you’re ready for some action, go rafting on the Sarapiqui River (up to category 4) or horseback riding in the vicinity of the Finca. Are you a chocolate lover? Make sure you do not miss a cacao tour. During the tour, you will get to know more about the history of cacao and chocolate and a tasting is included of course!


Van der Molen family

We also liked this location. The facilities and rooms were very basic, but we were warmly welcomed and the food and especially the environment were superb. Nice place, great people!

Our farm tour was done by the English speaking cousin of the owner and was very nice. The rafting on the Rio Sarapiqui was incredibly fun and well arranged!



Van der Wal / Lely family

Very nice location, relaxed and very nice food. Rooms simple but neat. breakfast was excellent.

The tour was done by the nephew of farmer Rodolfo and he told us much more about Costa Rica, than just stories about the farm. Very nice to learn more about the country in this way.


Remco and Louise

Due to the heavy rainfall we arrived late at the finca, but the owner was waiting for us. We stayed in a nice bungalow. The food in the restaurant was very tasty and cheap and during the farmtour we certainly learned a lot.

Tip: there is a lot to do in Sarapiqui, it is advisable to stay here longer than 2 nights. Edventure booked a rafting tour for us. The first part was super exciting. We have published our most beautiful pictures on our travel blog.


Clemens and Simone Berendse

Awesome! A 5+!

Received by the farmer himself, the tour of the farmer, full of passion, the blissful pineapples and the hospitality of the whole family was great.

Delicious eaten the evenings (tilapia from their own lake) and the breakfast was blissful.


Frans and Lindy

What a great experience. Friendly people. We would like to come back again. Very welcoming and the food is great. Especially the youngest daughter is a topper. You learned a lot and you notice that there is a lot of love for the country and animals. a tip: a mosquito net for the night. Must say from French that the youngest daughter gets a 10 !!
The canopy tour that we did in Sarapiqui was: GREAT !!! Nice people and they also show you something of nature. Very nice I just felt Tarzan among the trees. Frans was Jane !!!


De Weerdt family

Unique experience! Fantastic and beautiful place, great nature. Here we really experienced living in the country side. The room was small and the most basic of the whole trip, but the farm offered so much more that it really did not matter. Small point of attention; no WIFI for our oldest kid and we did not know this in advance.


Lubbers family

Finca Sura is run by a great family. In the evening we were already invited for an evening walk and the next day we got an extensive tour of the farm… so surprising, so nice! And what delicious food!


Hendriks family

Beautiful environment and hospitable family. Nice that everything you eat comes from the farm. Very educational for the children too. Room was small, but fine.


Ton and Jolanda

We really loved our stay here. Nice location and warm family. Instructive tour from one of the daughters, but especially Rodolfo, who showed us everything on his farm. Despite the fact that he does not speak English (and we do not speak Spanish!) we understood each other perfectly using our hands and feet (and Google Translate!).

Every evening at the Finca we really enjoyed our dinner. We stayed in a simple bungalow with a provisional shower. We had our own fridge to keep our drinks cold.



Finca Sura; what a warm family! We have so much enjoyed our stay here, got pampered, made chocolate together, made an evening walk and seen red-eyed frogs, booked a pineapple tour the next day, caught fish, had extra fruit juices, coffee etc. all included. That was a relief, that you do not have to pay extra for everything. We also went horseback riding!  I can really recommend Diego: affordable and not so touristy. For 20 dollar pp we have been riding for 2.5 hours. We also helped with the the cows (there were 4 cows and a bull for the auction in Puerto Viejo) and we really got a taste of life on a Costa Rican ranch, great!


Aad and Jos

A visit to Finca Sura. a local sustainable farm, is highly recommended. Oh, and do not forget visit Matilda, the finca’s mascot!


Rob and Katja

What really stood out for us were the fantastic people on the pineapple plantation. Finca Sura: sweet, helpful, proud, enthusiastic … and then you could also eat very tasty and cheap food. Really very nice. In the evening we booked a night tour and spotted various species of frogs, cool!

Things to see and do around Finca Sura:

Tip of Renee:


Tip of Renee:

Here you can really experience and feel what ‘Pura Vida’ is. Your host family just breathes this relaxing lifestyle.

Do not plan too much for these days and just let the farm and its surroundings surprise you. Relax and enjoy!

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