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country Costa Rica
duration 5 nights
attribute 4×4 auto met daktent
attribute 4WD with Rooftop Tent

Road tripping with a 4WD with rooftop tent

Are you up for an adventure? Take a road trip in a 4WD rental car with a rooftop tent! Find a sunny beach or go off road into the jungle and park your car on a beautiful spot in the wild. There are also lots of campsites where you can stay for a small fee.

All camping gear you possibly need is included. That starts with the rooftop tent, which you can easily fold out. There is a mattress and you get sheets, pillows and fleece blankets. Also included are a foldable table, camping chairs, cool box, head lights, gas stove, cutting board, pots, pans, plates, cutlery, first aid kit and a hammock. You also get a smartphone with a local SIM card, whatsapp and a practical application in which you can look up local campsites.

Everything you need for a great camping trip is there! All you have to pack is your own suitcase or backpack. However, if you plan to camp in the mountains, we recommend bringing your own sleeping bag. And if you like, you can rent some extras. Think of a surfboard, boogie board or snorkel set, but also an electric cooler or a portable WiFi set.

  • Experience Ultimate Freedom in Costa Rica and / or Panama
  • Camp in the wild or on a formal campsite
  • Pick your favorite 4WD
  • All camping gear is included
  • Basic insurance included
  • Extras available such as surf boards, snorkeling gear, etc.

You can make a full camping trip. However, most travelers combine their Costa Rica 4WD (with tent) road trip with a stay in comfortable hotels and lodges. This way you have both adventure and comfort in one unforgettable trip!

Are you curious how you can combine this trip with other, perhaps more comfortable must-see destinations? We have put together this awesome 4WD road trip trip for you. You can book this exact trip, but you can also mix and match destinations as you like. We help you create the perfect itinerary and we make sure everything goes according to plan.

Many travelers have already preceded you, just like Jan and Marieke. For our website they wrote a blog about their Costa Rica 4WD with tent road trip. And the Olde Kalter family made this video of their road trip.

Choose the perfect 4WD that fits your needs

Small size 4WD

This category includes the Suzuki Jimny and the Toyota Prado. These compact 2-door 4WD cars are perfect for 2 travelers.

Prices from: $87,50 per day
(excl. insurance and tax)

Medium size 4WD

If you travel with 2 to 4 people, you can go for a tough 4-door medium sized 4WD. This category holds the Toyota FJ Cruiser, Nissan Xterra and Toyota 4Runner.

Prices from: $110 per day
(excl. insurance and tax)

Large size 4WD

The largest and toughest 4WD models are suitable for a group up to 5 people. This category includes the Toyota Hilux, Toyota Landcruiser or the Land Rover Defender.

Prices from: $120 per day
(excl. insurance and tax)


Jan & Marieke

We had never been on a 4WD road trip before, but we quickly got used to our monster on 4 wheels. Truely, we had an unforgettable experience and can recommend it to anyone who is not afraid of some adventure!

Check our blog about our road trip through Costa Rica with 4WD and tent.


Nicole & Fernand

We went with a Toyota Prado 4WD with tent on a road trip through Costa Rica. It was a super car, that can really cope with any rough situation.
The rooftop tent was easy and quick to set up and the overall camping experience was also good. The only sad thing about camping is that it feels like your day is shorter because you can’t really do much once it is dark.


Olde Kalter Family

As a family we greatly enjoyed ourselves in Costa Rica, what a beautiful country! We have seen a lot and thoroughly enjoyed our camping adventure with a Toyota Landcruiser. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

Want to know what this adventure looks like?

The following destinations are close to this travel package:

Start your trip in the center of San José
San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica and here you usually arrive and start your holiday. Even though the city might be the least interesting destination of your trip, it is definitely worthwhile to explore. There are a few great (free) city tours and the neighbourhoods of Barrio Escalante, Dent and Amon are really up and coming and provide a great local offer of nice bars, restaurants and boutiques.
Wildlife paradise Tortuguero: from green macaw to sea turtle
The Tortuguero National Park or the 'little Amazon' is a great place to start your holiday in Costa Rica. The region offers vibrant wildlife (you can easily spot monkeys, birds, caimans and iguanas), stunning jungle and it is the most important nesting spot for various species of sea turtles.
The underwater world and white beaches of Sámara
Sámara is a small coastal village with a laidback, relaxed atmosphere. There's a wide variety of hotels, restaurants and bars. The beach is always nearby and the quiet bay with a beautiful coral reef is a must for snorkel lovers. In conclusion, Sámara beach is also a great destination for families.

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