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Santa Fe National Park

Santa Fe is a small and quiet village in the highlands of Panama and the area is known for its beautiful waterfalls, there are more than twenty in the area! The village is surrounded by the rainforest of Santa Fé National Park. When compared to more well-known destinations such as Boquete and El Valle, Santa Fe is still relatively undiscovered and a real ‘off the beaten track’ destination.

Hiking trails


Hiking trails

Santa Fé national park is a paradise for nature lovers. You can make nice day hikes in the large nature reserve of `Alto de Piedra ‘. In addition, you could walk to Las Brujas and Cerro Tute. The trail leads you through both primary and secondary forest and past fields and waterfalls. There is a good chance that you will encounter toucans, parrots and other tropical birds along the way.

Just outside town take a refreshing swim in the Lajas river and here you can also go tubing.

Local market


Local market

In Santa Fe town center there’s a charming market, offering locally produced fruits and vegetables and genuine Ngöbe-Buglé handicrafts.

In addition you might be interested to visit organic coffee plantation or a tropical orchid nursery. The local owners are proud of their produce and are more than willing to share their knowledge and experiences with you.


Van der Meer Family (Feb. 2020)

In Santa Fe we stayed in a fairly simple but clean accommodation. We did a so-called River Walk here, which we really enjoyed!

It was nice and adventurous, climbing and walking in the river!

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