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Zapotal de Miramar

You find this unique and authentic destination on top of a mountain. From the beach near the town of Puntarenas, you drive via a narrow mountain road all the way up to Zapotal de Miramar. Do not forget the stop once in a while to enjoy the beautiful views of the Pacific and the beaches, islands and sugar plantations near Puntarenas. 

Once you arrive in the charming village of Zapotal de Miramar, you will find only 200 people living here, mainly from agriculture. Your help is always welcome and the locals take you on an unforgettable journey in the country side of Costa Rica.

  • Authentic homestay
  • Traditional Costa Rican meals
  • Amazing views
  • Not touristy

Stay with locals in Costa Rica

Stay with locals in Costa Rica

In Zapotal you will stay with locals of Costa Rica. You can stay in simple cabins, but the best thing is to experience a homestay with one of the local families. You will receive a warm welcome and will be assigned your own bedroom and bathroom. Meals are prepared by your host family and you all eat together.

When staying in Zapotal, one activity or tour is included in your stay. You can take a cooking class for example or help at the organic farm. You can also explore the beautiful surroundings of the village by foot. In addition, it is also possible to make traditional `Trapiche`: this is the process of making cane sugar and the so-called `tapa de dulce`, a sweet drink that all Costaricans love. With the aid of oxen, the cane sugar is pressed and afterwards, the juice is cooked in a large pot. This is a unique opportunity to experience and help with a true Costarican tradition!

Although the air in Zapotal the Miramar might be fresh, this stay certainly will feel like a warm bath of hospitality and friendship.  If you want to experience the real Costa Rican ‘Pura Vida’,  then this trip is your perfect choice!

This destination is part of your tailor made Edventure through Costa Rica.

Atmosphere impression

Tip from Anouk:


Tip from Anouk:

In Zapotal, tourism is still quite new. However, the villagers are used to receiving students and volunteers from all over the world. These visitors certainly do not all speak Spanish, and the host families hardly speak English, but with your hands, feet and especially a big smile, you can certainly make yourself understandable. Google Translate or any other translation app or book can also be of great help! 😉

I am convinced that your stay in Zapotal will be unforgettable!

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