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Surfing Panama

Santa Catalina is THE place for surfing in Panama and the village is becoming knows as one of the best surf spots in Central America. Whether you are an experienced surfer, or just want to take your first lesson, Santa Cataline is the place to be.

Of course, the village offers more than just the beach and waves. From Santa Catalina, you easily visit the nearby Coiba National Park. This is a great destination for nature lovers to discover unique flora and fauna. The park is known as ‘the new Galapagos.’

Surfing and relaxing


Surfing and relaxing

When in Santa Catalina…rent a board or book a class! When it’s your first time on a surf board, you better start at the beach of Estero. While more experienced surfers can catch their waves at Punta Brava or Punta Roca. Of course, you can also relax on the beach or enjoy a nice cold drink in one of the restaurants or bars.


Coiba Island


Coiba Island

The beautiful Coiba Island with its pearly white beaches and tropical flora is part of the National Park. Here you can book a snorkel tour and explore the large, nearby coral reef. Divers have a good chance to spot whale sharks, eagle rays, dolphins and whales.


Fam. van der Meer (feb. 2020)

In Santa Catalina we stayed in a nice resort near the beach. The restaurant has a beautiful view and excellent food. We also had a delicious dinner at El Chillinguito and had a nice pizza at La Panaderia Vieja.

From Santa Catalina we did a snorkeling tour to Coiba. This was a beautiful tour in which we have seen a lot, such as alligators, turtles, countless fish and even a shark.

Be aware it is not a quiet boat trip, though. It was racing over the water and 1.5 hours back 1.5 hours.

What to do and see in Santa Catalina

The following destinations are close to this travel package:

Endless beaches and swaying palms in Las Lajas
Las Lajas is really an untouched region in Panama. The endless beaches along the Pacific coast guarantee nice long walks and excellent horseback riding. Your hotel is right at the beach and the ocean is only steps away. After a dive in the ocean or pool, your hammock and tropical cocktail are waiting for you!
Go snorkeling in unspoiled Boca Chica
Boca Chica is a truly untouched region on the northern Pacific coast of Panama. Here you find pristine beaches, deserted bays and lush jungle. Enjoy all this from your hammock or kayak, your stay here will be unforgettable!
Explore the beautiful waterfalls of Santa Fé
This little town in Panama's highlands is surrounded by the rainforest of the Santa Fe National Park. There's great hiking to discover the beautiful waterfalls in the area and in the town itself there's a charming local market with great handicrafts, a must-visit!
Experience colonial culture and traditions in Pedasí
Discover Panama's rich colonial history and culture in the charming little town of Pedasí. Its colonial past is reflected in the many traditional activities and festivals. Take your time to explore the historic town centre and enjoy the local street life from a terrace on the central square, while sipping a cold drink or a Panamanian coffee.

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