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country Costa Rica
duration 2 nights
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Sleep in a tree house

Always wanted to stay in a tree house in Costa Rica? Then book this luxury and unique accommodation in Punta Uva, at the beautiful Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. The lodge is one of the unique accommodations offered by the lodge. It is a great destination when it comes to unique experiences, design and service. Your little home has its own distinctive design and is located on just a few hundred meters from the beach. Can you imagine yourself waking up with the sound of the waves already? Enjoy your stay here!




Relax on the beautiful and clean beach, or book a yoga or pilates lesson at the lodge. If you are a fan of water sports you can go snorkelling, rafting or diving. In addition, you go book a trekking in the jungle or explore the area by bike (beach cruiser) or on horseback. A tour to explore the nearby Cahuita National Park is certainly recommended.

Whatever you decide to do, always take your swimming gear with you to be ready for a dive in the sea. Pura Vida!

What can you see around Punta Uva?

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Explore underwater wildlife in Cahuita
Cahuita is a charming Carribean town. From your hotel you walk to the beach in some 20 minutes. If you're a water sports fan, there's great swimming, snorkeling and diving here. Expore the coast either by car or by bike and to get to know the indigenous locals is a truly unique experience as well.
The best chocolate in authentic Sarapiqui
Sarapiqui was originally a small town on the banks of the Sarapiqui River. In the region you find many cacao, coffee, pineapple and banana plantations. Join Jean-Pierre, the Belgian owner of the lodge you're staying, on his tour and learn more about the history of cacao and chocolate!
Relax and unwind on the beach of Manzanillo
Manzanillo is the southernmost village at the Caribbean coast, near Panama. The public road ends here and around the village, you find beautiful, pristine beaches. The coastal atmosphere is above all relaxed: enjoy the good food, music and the beach of course! Your home in Manzanillo is a beautifully designed, hand-made jungle house with fully equipped kitchen. It offers you the full jungle experience at a stone's throw from the beach!
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